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Harnessing the Power of Extreme Velocity

HyperSciences' current Reg CF offering was scheduled to end Sunday, January 31st, 2021 but is currently oversubscribed!

Although the Reg CF offering through StartEngine was open to accredited and non-accredited investors, we currently only have remaining shares available in our Reg D offering for accredited investors. Both offerings sell the same stock (Series A Preferred) for the same price.

The minimum investment amount for the Reg D offering is $1,002.24. To invest in the Reg D you must be an accredited investor and fill out this Reg D Accredited Investment Form.

For inquiries about a Reg D investment, please reach out to

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Reasons to Invest

Added major mining and energy corporations to our Joint Industry Project

Built and demonstrated HyperCore technologies reaching Hypersonic velocities over Mach 5 (3840 mph)

Currently in field trials with major corporations to test abilities to drill holes more than 5 times faster and at lower cost than other conventional geothermal drilling applications

Successful contract study completion and flight test for  NASA Phase 1 SBIR research contract (2019)

What do geothermal drilling, mining/tunneling, and hypersonic flight testing all have in common? Their old technology makes for slow and tedious results.

  • Today’s conventional rockets regularly blow up, making hypersonic flight testing expensive and slow.
  • Solar and wind systems are intermittent and expensive.
  • Geothermal could be the future for clean 24/7 baseload power, but today’s geothermal drilling is incredibly slow and too expensive to put it everywhere.
  • In mining and tunneling, while the world needs fast transportation tunnels (like Elon Musk and The Boring Company) — and access to energy minerals such as platinum, copper, quartz, lithium, and Rare Earth Elements — the slow and dangerous process of drilling and blasting with dynamite makes this complex and unsafe.

The bottom line is they’re each dependent upon antiquated rotating equipment or old explosive technology, which makes their processes slow, dangerous, and expensive. HyperScienses solves this.

  • Geothermal Drilling
    costly tedious
  • Renewable Energy
    costly intermittent
  • Hypersonic Testing
    costly low flight rate
  • Mining For Minerals
    Slow dangerous/difficult

Our hypersonic accelerators provide faster more efficient access to the resources we need

HyperSciences has built reliable, safe, and cost-effective hypersonic accelerators to demonstrate drilling, tunneling and flight applications. Our accelerators operate at velocities greater than Mach 5 (nearly 4000 mph). They can robotically fire smaller projectiles into the ground that directly break and pulverize the rock with meteor-like energy allowing us to access energy resources and create transportation tunnels by removing earth quicker. Our larger accelerators can launch larger aerospace capsules repeatedly to the edge of space without using costly and volatile rockets.

drilling tools market size
tunneling and mining market size

Tens of billions of dollars in TAM

By building a platform technology company, HyperSciences is a leg-up when it comes to market cap, allowing us to pursue the tens of billions of dollars represented by the drilling, tunneling, and mining markets. Learnings in each business vertical helps accelerate our overall platform technology.

Validated by NASA, Shell, and Major Mining and Energy Corporations

  • We have accomplished or have ongoing demo contracts with 3 different industries: drilling, tunneling, and aerospace.
  • HyperSciences works with Shell, NASA, and two additional Majors, an International Mining Resources Company and another Major Energy corporation (both under confidential contracts).
  • Beyond just supplying major corporations, we are planning to use our technology to mine faster and generate revenue with our own hard rock mines. Our new mining assets include ownership in an Asia High-Purity Quartz and Rare Earth mineral deposit that we had drilled this year. 
  • The clean energy and electric car industries desperately need these high-value minerals in quantity.
  • We’ve also submitted government aerospace proposals to perform rapid hypersonic testing for NASA, Air Force, AFWerx, Army Future Command, and NSF.

We solve the hardest problems

at hypersonic speed

Drilling & Geothermal

In an ongoing series of field tests, HyperSciences has proven HyperCore’s ability to drill holes quicker and cheaper than conventional drilling methods. With the ability to drill through nearly any ground condition, our meteor-like impacts are up to 100X the strength of the rock we’re clearing. This will ultimately enable the exploration of geothermal energy deposits buried deep in the earth, providing cost-effective and scalable clean energy.

HyperSciences technology will allow you to:

Tunneling | Robotic Mining

HyperSciences’ tunneling solution improves performance, eliminates dangerous explosives, and can even reduce high capital and operating costs. Our hypersonic tech is engineered to be five-to-ten times faster than traditional rotary tunnel boring machines (TBMs) or drill and blast methods, and is modular and small enough to be removed and reused (unlike some large TBM systems that are left in place). To optimize efficiency, we even can offer remote, AI-enabled robotic operations.

HyperSciences technology will allow you to:

  • Integrate our tech with existing equipment
  • Optimize performance and safety via robotic operation
  • Dramatically improve the ROI for each job


Our land-based flight test platform — the first of its kind — enables cost-effective research into the performance and capabilities of hypersonic systems. With HyperCore, organizations can rapidly test, iterate and optimize. By choosing HyperSciences tech over traditional methods, you’ll cut development time by decades, save millions and be able to conduct multiple test flights minutes apart.

HyperSciences technology will allow you to:

  • Launch without the expense of a bomber jet or a rocket
  • Loft payloads to extreme altitudes (up to 100k)
  • Get live test performance results that are more accurate than wind-tunnel based systems
  • Receive on-site results tracking and flight data
  • Partner with a turnkey solution provider that has access to academia

HyperSciences, a Washington-based startup, was founded in 2014. Our experienced team of Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Mining professionals are focused on creating solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems, such as geothermal energy drilling and hypersonic aerospace.

Led by Industry Veterans

Founded in 2014, HyperSciences develops and builds some of the world’s most innovative technologies. Our team is comprised of experts from every field including aerospace, geology, oil and gas, research, and manufacturing. We're based in Austin, TX providing us with a strategic location for our energy and aerospace partners.

See Our Team

Mark Russell, PE

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Engineer and Director

Mark has a Masters from Stanford in Aero/Astro, is the former lead engineer for Blue Origin first VTOL vehicle and was Lead of Crew Capsule development at Blue Origin. Along with 2 decades of spaceflight development, Mark has a long history of family underground mining development and operations for some of the world’s largest mining projects. Recently sponsored by Shell to develop the worlds fastest and deepest geothermal drilling technology High Energy Systems Development. Mark provides both the vision and technical expertise to lead the world’s first companies focused on commercial industrial Hypervelocity mass drivers.

Mike McSherry


Mike McSherry is a serial entrepreneur and the current CEO and founder of the healthcare tech company, Xealth. He is also the former CEO of SWYPE (mobile app), and the co-founder of Boost Mobile.

Charles Russell


Chuck was one of the first investors in the commercialization of the RAMAC technology and is also a HyperSciences Director. His past experience has involved exploration, development, permitting and sales of mineral projects in Asia. Chuck is responsible for managing HyperSciences remote testing facility and installation and controls of the RAMAC instrumentation.

Questions about this investment opportunity?

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